Ebmas Wing Tsun KungFu English

Welcome to EBMAS Prague WT Kung-Fu School 

3 Reasons why to choose EBMAS Kung-Fu

  • Wing Tzun is not based upon physical strength or acrobatic ability and therefore allows a physically weaker person to defend him/herself.
  • Wing Tzun can be learned fairly quickly and built upon.
  • Wing Tzun self defense movements derive from tactile reflexes that are mechanical and directly determined by the attack of the opponent.

Wing Tzun for academy for Everybody

Students (men & women) face the psychological aspects of self defense from day one. We teach them to escape from a threatening situation without resorting to violence whenever possible. They build confidence, respect and positive attitude useful in their daily lives.

Woman selfdenfense

it is easy to learn and enormously practical. Its techniques offer smaller people the ability to overcome larger attackers because the movements are based on skill rather than size or strength.

Wing Tzun for Kids

Ebmas hold classes for children between 6 & 13 years . Kids learn to acquire the skills, avoid dangerous situations, and protect their physical and mental well-being when no other help is at hand.